Saturday, May 20, 2006

Still Here

It's been quite some time since I posted. In fact, since I last wrote, I've hosted a big party, taken exams, started watching Grey's Anatomy (against my better judgment), graduated from law school... and most recently, I've sprained my ankle. Since so much has occurred recently, I don't feel like I'm up to the task of updating the blogosphere on the little details.

For good measure though, I'll share a few highlights in case anyone still reads this:

[Mercifully] Short Graduation due to no Commencement Speaker In characteristically Berkeley-ish fashion, a protest prevented Howard Dean from speaking at Boalt's graduation ceremony. The AFSCME custodial workers on UC Berkeley's campus have been demanding a living wage for a long time. They specifically picketed commencement speeches at Berkeley to target a number of Democrats who were scheduled to speak. Not wanting to cross a union line, the speakers declined to deliver their speeches. I support AFSCME's struggle for a living wage, and generally don't want to get in to the politics behind all of this in this forum. Fortunately, my family also supported the shorter ceremony. It may have spared them all some serious sunburn. The weather graduation weekend was phenomenally gorgeous.

In Attempt to "Get Back in Shape" Recent Law Grad Immediately Sprains Ankle No less than 20 minutes into my first jog of the summer, I turned my ankle on some crappy and uneven West Berkeley pavement. This was to be my summer of discipline and fitness, both in terms of Bar study and running. Although my ankle is healing fast and I'm off crutches, I resent this slower start on my running plan. In spite of my regrets, I'll probably need the extra time I can spend studying to learn property. Today in PMBR class I learned exactly how little property I know. And by how little, I mean none... Looking at those questions was like trying to read a foreign language. I hate property - SO BAD!

The Goat Cheese Graduation Party I threw this open house for a few of my closest friends and their families before graduation. My sister and I cooked, parents and friends mingled, we had some Princesse Tort from IKEA (which, btw is amazing), and we danced in my kitchen. It was awesome. I am so thankful for my family and the marvelous friends I've made here. The theme, which was essentially to put goat cheese in almost every dish, may have escaped the majority of the partgoers' detection, but the food was yummy. Perhaps once this fricking Bar exam is over, I'll throw another dinner party.

Marissa Cooper is NO MORE! At the beginning of the season finale I had a horrible feeling that the character who would die was going to be my beloved Sandy Cohen. My fears stemmed from Peter Gallagher's comments at the recent (3rd Annual) Sandy Cohen Fellowship event. PG seemed pretty down about the show. [In retrospect, this was probably due to the fact that Fox hadn't announced it was being renewed for next year yet.] During my panic about his possible death, I recalled that at the OC@Boalt ceremony, he even made some veiled remarks about how if Sandy were no longer around, we'd have to keep the fellowship going. [In fact, he coined the brilliant catchy tag line: "Keep the Sandy Cohen Goin'!"] Fortunately, my fears were assuaged when Marissa died in a car crash. Phew! So glad that Mischa "The Bear" Barton can move on to other projects. Although the OC will now be free of her crappy acting and annoying character, I have some doubts about the show's feature. With the fab foursome down to three, and off to college, I can't help but say that the show has jumped the shark. Here's hoping for some kind of renaissance...

Well, I suppose I don't have much to say by way of update. This post was, if nothing more, a catalyst. Hopefully, it will trigger more writing, and [much] more interesting things to say. Blah...