Friday, January 24, 2014

Read This

An excellent opinion piece about facing mortality, medical (cancer) statistics, and life going on. 

(Sorry readers, still on the topic of cancer, but had to share.)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Resolutions, Schmesolutions

I had resolved to resume blogging in 2014. Mostly just to write, but in particular to write about topics other than cancer. This has gone the way of most resolutions. Nowhere.

To ease up on myself, I'm scrapping the grand plans, and will instead just write when I feel the urge. I suspect this will result in infrequent posts.* 

For now, I want to record for posterity's sake, some of the sweet things Stella and Lydia have been up to lately. Aside from these dear, tender moments, we have been waking up at ungodly hours and dealing with serious four-year-old mood swings. The days are long, the sleep is shoddy, and it feels like I am plodding. It helps, sometimes, to remember that the fatigue and boredom will cease, eventually. But so will some of the good parts, so in no particular order:
  • Stella just awoke from sleep to request water and kissed my hand, in a "pleased to meet you Mademoiselle" sort of way.
  • Lydia waves goodbye and hello with her palm facing her face. It's a move you might have seen featured in the video for "All the Single Ladies."  
  • On most days, Stella still runs to me and gives me a huge hug when I come home from work. I imagine this will not be "cool" and will not happen in a couple years.
  • Lydia has begun to (sort of) communicate. In chief, she pants (like a dog) whenever she sees a dog. The most exciting things in her life are (1) Stella, (2) bathtime, and (3) any canine we spot in the neighborhood, so this panting is accompanied by frenzied leg kicks and rapt attention.
  • Lydia's obsession with baths causes her to crawl towards the bathroom at warp speed anytime she hears the shower turn on.
  • Stella calls me "Princess Mama" from time to time.
  • Stella dawdles on walks to school expressly because she says she wants to spend more time with whichever parent is taking her that day.
  • Lydia's makes an EPIC duckface if you purse your lips at her.  She also laughs socially - as though she agrees that something is so hilarious - whenever she hears adults laughing.
Before I add anything else, I'll sign off to nurse the silly munchkin and hit the hay.


*BUT, I do resolve to finally announce the winner of the Mucositis Menu Challenge this year.  Now that everyone but me has forgotten about it, I will stealthily announce a winner.... soon.