Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Allow Myself to Recommend... Myself

It is out of a sense of deep frustration that I turn to blogging this evening. I'm in the process of trying to write a draft recommendation letter, for myself. I have no issue with heaping praise on others. I even tend to be effusive. When writing about myself however I feel like gagging and revert to using the passive voice _all the time_.

But enough about me, seriously. Perhaps I should just conclude this with Roommate Rortina's suggestion: "Finally, she is an ideal candidate for this position because she has an ass that just won't quit."



cdw said...

eating fine food and not quitting. parts of you have indeed been receiving ample praise this summer, and judging from your law firm's glittering assessment of your summer work performance, those aren't the only parts receiving praise.

I'd be happy to read a draft if you want, it would at least distract me from my own writing. hope all is well

dirteens said...

cdw, the draft is complete and absent of all references to my ass. i hope your paper writing is going well. perhaps we can talk and commiserate about or writing woes soon. when do you come back?

cdw said...

nine days!