Wednesday, July 12, 2006

my solemn promise to you, dear readers

I swear, that after this marathon of study is over, I will refrain from posting about boring topics like weird bar vocabulary and test preparation. For now, however, since I do nothing else but study, eat, work out, and sleep, I bring you the most recent Gmail ad displayed for my account.

A Bar Exam Must-Have for Everything you Need for Exam Day!

At first I thought it might include chocolate, a flask for chugging whiskey after the exam is over, or Adavan. Instead, some Colorado company has taken to creating exam-day kits for Colorado Bar examinees. Too bad they use a digital clock [tsk-tsk] and include snacks. There's no eating and only analog clocks here in California. The fun times never end here in the Golden State.

Also, I recently found an old SNL "Deep Thoughts" postcard from my dearest friend Helly. She sent it to me way back in Junior High and I've saved it all these years. It seems particularly relevant now as I work on detestable MBE questions:

Instead of having different answers on a math test, they should just call them "impressions," and if you got a different impression, so what? Can't we all be brothers?


jsa said...

As Barbie once said: "math is hard. let's go shopping!" :-)

dirteens said...

j - just read your blog. SO glad to hear that you are safe despite recently being in mumbai. take care of yourself and please keep posting. also, good point about barbie. perhaps it's no coincidence that the first three letters of her name start with B-A-R....

i don't know what that means.

Anonymous said...

We just read your blog about the Exam Survival Kit. We are that Colorado company that has taken to creating exam-day kits - we are two female attorneys in Colorado who can identify with your current plight. Although the website seems to indicate exam kits are for Colorado only, we customize them for each jurisdiction. Having sat for the California bar as well as Colorado, we know all too well the restrictions in California. So, we include an analog sports watch instead of the digital clock for CA applicants. Also, we understand the atrocity of no snacks during the exam, but know that CA has a "holding" area for backpacks, etc., so you can access your snacks on breaks. Good luck on your exam!

Amber said...

It's really too bad that the above commentors didn't clarify whether they include Ativan in their study kits. Which, incidentally, is spelled Ativan (your resident health administrator felt the need to chime in, sorry :)).

On an unrelated note, love that Jeff is now referring to you as his "marital property" ... sounds like something my hubby would say. :)

Derrida Does Dallas said...

I'm also upset that the Colorado company didn't volunteer to send you a free kit, as you are clearly providing solid advertising space for them. First they invade your gmail account, and now your blog, and they offer no recompense? If I were a lawyer, I'd get an injunction or something.

dirteens said...

derrida and amber,

thanks for having my back/correcting my spelling. i was also a bit astonished at the aggressive marketing techniques of the colorado lawerly deux but, i suppose i've gotta hand it to them. they're getting the word about their [silly] product out there. nevertheless, even with my homemade ziploc exam kit i prevailed! the exam is over! i am alive! i didn't even cry while actually taking it!

huzzah! and thanks to all for the support!

[a few more exclamatory marks for good measure!!!!!!!!!!!!!]