Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Here Lies Peperony and Chease"

Last Friday night Mr. Future Marital Property and I spent one of the nerdiest nights in history at home. First, we watched an episode of NUMB3RS in which Charlie totally solved an international art heist/murder/Nazi looting case with... calculus!

Then, as though that weren't nerdy enough, we found an online link to the game of my childhood, Oregon Trail. In eighth grade, when I was taking math at the high school, I would return to my junior high in the middle of second period. I and my fellow math nerds were confined to the library until third period started. Everyday, during that interim we played Oregon Trail.

The site we found emulates the colors on the screen, the music when you visit the landmarks on the trail, the hunting (darn those skittish squirrels and our pathetic ability to carry only 100 pounds of meat), and the insanely slow speed of the old game. It brought me right back to that musty, Anwatin library with the seventies carpeting and dingy books. In this nifty new web version, instead of crawling along at a snail's pace, you can select to play the game at slightly faster paces. This feature makes for some very speedy ventures across the territories. So, go on, be a carpenter, shoot some buffalo, and ford that river!


Wanksta said...

katina flippin' boosalis. what a cyberworld we live in, huh? so guess who goes to law school at the U right now? kyle flippin' hawkins, that's who. yeah. anyways. when you getting married?? rita moved out to NYC b/c her bf got a perfect LSAT and a full academic ride to Columbia. yeah. that's what i said too. me? i'm piddling around thinking about a PhD and Cal.

dirteens said...

taqs!! i miss you dude. at first i was real confused by this message you left because i hadn't visited my blog and seen your picture along with your profile. i thought at first the message was from kyle... anyway, come to Cal for your PhD! i'm going to e-mail you to get back in touch. hope i have a correct address.