Sunday, February 17, 2008


I live in a neighborhood that's still off the beaten path in SF. I'll admit I often get a smug sense of cool satisfaction when people are surprised to learn that there is, in fact, a neighborhood called the Dogpatch and I live in it. Here, there are three-flats with units like the one J and I share, barely detached single family homes some of which are lovely and others that are decaying, industrial and artistic businesses, warehouses, housing projects up the hill, and an increasing number of pricey lofts. We've got restaurants too (some of which are better than others, see my yelp reviews), an excellent pilates studio, and a boxing gym. The Dogpatch is gentrifying rapidly.

Still, the 'hood looks rather gritty in places. Walking to church, however, this morning, past a dingy motorcycle repair shop, a strange printing press, and an abandoned fire station, the street was lined with trees filled with pale pink blossoms. A hummingbird, a real live hummingbird was flitting about some of the branches.

This was an unexpected gift to me: a delicate, shimmering, whimsical creature going about its business pollinating or whatever it does on Tennessee Street. Finding such an anomale gave me great joy and a sense of wonder. I'm so grateful for having seen it.

I only hope that these new lofts won't displace the Dogpatch's resident hummingbird.


LB said...

I really wish you had gone to Italy too. My chances of driving first would be much greater, from what I hear of Italian drivers.

I will call you soon...

dirteens said...

i cannot believe you, my dear sis, have been blogging without my knowledge! how exciting. and what's this about natural family planning?? we need to catch up!

miss you.

and btw, i am retaking my permit test but should have my license by the end of march (fingers crossed).

LB said...

The end of March?!? There is still ice all over the ground here. I give up. I give up.