Friday, October 04, 2013

Delay of Game

Team Miner:

If only we could somehow penalize UCSF for delaying Jeff's treatment. It would be so satisfying.  Or if only there were some way to punish the hospital for screwing with our schedule. But alas, there is not really a villain in this scenario: the good doctors and nurses at UCSF, of course, are in the process of curing Jeff.  11 Long is just receiving some necessary upgrades, which puts some rooms out of service, and other patients need the available hospital beds more than Jeff does at the moment.

Even so, it's frustrating to be stuck waiting. We had hoped to have Jeff in the hospital over the weekend, when more people are usually free to visit him, when Stella can see him, and when I am not working. Now it's looking like it may take until Monday for him to be admitted, so that plan is not coming to fruition. And of course, this just delays everything further. Now the final round of chemo is unlikely to be over before the end of October. Blergh.

Enough whining. Grandma Robin is here. It's supposed to be lovely weather out here this weekend and the Okee Dokee Brothers (a "kindie" band  - is that a thing?? - from Minneapolis*) are playing some shows here, including at the Bernal Heights library tomorrow afternoon.  Hence, we will try to make the most of this hitch in our plans and take Lydia to her first show tomorrow. (Stella, is an old concert-going pro, in that she's already been to two live Justin Roberts shows. She is so hip.) For my sake, I'll try to soak up as much bluegrass as possible from the Okee Dokee Bros while I lament not being at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass and the olden days, back when I had a social life.


* Quelle coïncindence! August 20th was Okee Dokee Brothers day in my fair home state!


ElizabethS said...

Oh, Lydia will have a very good first concert indeed. The canoeing songs will totally take you back to Clearwater. (My current favorite:
I wish we could make the best of the delay with you guys. Here's to quick hospital renovations and forgiving schedules!

dirteens said...

They played "Haul Away Joe" at the concert. It was fantastic. Miss you sisterface.