Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Random Goals for Becoming (more of) a Hippie in Kentucky

1. learn to make kefir
2. learn to make kombucha
3. sew stuff
4. go to yoga 3+ times per week
5. run and walk more
6. cook a lot
7. use mostly homemade/"non-toxic" cleaning products
8. use fewer paper goods
9. build a pizza oven
10. plant a garden
11. raise chickens


ElizabethS said...

Kentucky is still far away, but since we'll be in the same time zone I hope we can chat during lots of these new endeavors. (Excluding #4 I suppose).

Could you use the pizza oven to roast a chicken?

dirteens said...

I think we could try to roast a chicken in the oven. It might be a true backyard dinner if we eventually used a chicken who was past her laying days. So exciting!

Michael C. Boosalis II said...

Chickens! Yes! That's awesome sis.

JLClarke said...

You don't technically know me, but we have a friend in common. Jeff and I also have lg B-cell NHL in common. I've enjoyed your blog for many reasons (one obvious one noted above), but was really excited to see "raise chickens" on your list of goals. I have done this in Vermont and found backyard chicken keeping to be an awesome experience. I'm preparing to start up with a new flock in the spring! I highly recommend it. Jess