Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Can I get some fries with that shake shake...?

I was walking home tonight from the BART after a lovely dinner with a dear friend from Minneapolis when I was given occassion to appreciate just how much the summer associate life can lead to gluttony, or at the very least, good eatin'. So, I'm walking briskly back to my apartment when two gentlemen slow down to say "Hello." As I pass them by, and they get a look at the other half of me (i.e., the back side of me), one says something I won't repeat for my delicate readers. The other says, "Dang! You look good, keep eating that fine food you've been eating."

Now this comment could lend itself to the interpretation that I had just left a fancy schmancy dinner and was dressed up, as though I had been at Chez Panisse or something. Such was not the case. I was wearing sneakers with the weird leftover work clothes I'm suffering through until my dry cleaning is done. The more apt interpretation of this remark (which was remarkably astute) is that I am indeed eating fine food this summer... and it shows. Awesome insight from an offhand comment. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

with the effects of papa's southbeach diet on my food choices, i think i'm working on something. sadly, i must admit, it will never, compare to your bootay. i'm glad to hear it's being appreciated in cali.
-yo sis
ps- call your family. we miss you.

dirteens said...

i miss you guys too! your message made me glad that i am not partaking in the south beach phenomenon as it sounds like that might make my predicament worse. your message also reminded me of the series of emails on the chicago ultimate listhost re the "ghetto" nature of my butt. that was a low point.

wt said...

Beauty is a social construction, right?

So as long as the people you regularly encounter like and appreciate your (cough) "back," you're actually doing just great.

That is, you can do sidebends or situps, but please, don't lose that back.

dirteens said...

Thank you for the words of encourgament Sir WT Mix-A-Lot.

jsa said...


dirteens said...

True dat!