Saturday, July 02, 2005

Christmas sweatshirts

To me, a girl who was raised in the stifling humidity of Minnesota summers, one of the wonders of living in Berkeley is the fact that summer is temperate, even cool. Tonight, on the way to "Whole Paycheck" for groceries, I sported my red-orange hoodie as per usual in the evening. Embarassingly, I noted halfway there that my companion, jdm, was sporting a similar green hooded sweatshirt. We looked like dweebs.* Three people laughed at us while crossing the street. Then, on the way back this woman totally blew through her tires when she had to slam on her brakes to avoid running us over in the crosswalk. I saw my life flash before my very eyes. Her tires were totally smoking: serves her right that crazy maniac.

In other news, I am getting a new phone. Soon I will move past my passe Chicago area-code and become one with the 510. For a few days though I will hold on to both numbers just so I can sing, a la Ludacris, that "I've got phones, I got phones, in different area codes, area codes."

I'm off to eat a Frog Hollow peach and return to my work. They are so delicious... holy buckets.

Before I go, note this result when you search for my blog's name on Google.

* jdm contests this assertion. To him, we looked better than twins... we looked like twin elves.


Anonymous said...

After returning home from a bar at 2 AM, little did I realize I would be presented with a sleek little gem of a narrative that included the genuinely hilarious image of you and JDM as twin elves.

ctn said...

i do bow down to you. what happened to your blog? i log back on after a month-long hiatus, and i can only scroll down to half of your june 29 entry. . .

mrupe said...

I trust your new phone will NOT have a camera?

It can be flip, though--those are cute :)

stacita said...

bad news boo-yah. schwartz-y is engaged:

dirteens said...

all of these comments make me so so happy. caro, i hope that you can read the rest by now. i don't know what was up with your browser but i'm sorry it was giving you attitude.

rup, my phone will most definitely NOT have a camera. it doesn't even flip. i'm sticking with the relatively old school nokia style although my new model will be significantly smaller, sleeker, and lighter than the current navy blue tank.

stace, where do you think he proposed? i'm sure they out did tom and katie's cliched eiffel tower... thanks for passing on the news.