Wednesday, June 29, 2005

in search of disparaging remarks

Confession: I'm going through a spell of "blog insecurity" lately. For one thing, I never have time to write anything of much substance. When I do get around to writing I tend to create incomplete top 10 lists or I end up relating incoherent tidbits about banana slugs. The problem with "blog insecurity" is that if you write about it, or share it with others, it sounds like a pathetic ploy to milk compliments from readers. Due to this awkward tendency, I implore everyone to refrain from commenting on this post. In the alternative, if you must say something, make it biting. I don't want to seem like a total loser.

Elaboration: Part of my insecurity probably stems from the fact that I've seen so many awesome blogs in recent days. Chief among them is Veiled Conceit which does a fabulous job chronicling and critiquing the NYT weddings and vows page. I laughed out loud reading some of the Veiled posts. I was also thrilled to see that someone else is as enthralled and disgusted by that section. Perhaps someday I will start a thematic blog - that seems to be hot right now. In other news, if I had the energy I would write about the Supreme Court's Gonzales restraining order decision from earlier this week and about the fact that Oprah was apparently dissed by Hermes in Paris. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to delve into the Gonzales opinion or commentary. I do know that the Gonzales opinion is a dissapointment and will probably write more on that later. As for Oprah's plight, I have little incentive to write about her unfortunate shopping treatment. Sadly, I have not got the money to shop at Hermes so I, personally, won't be boycotting the store anytime soon. To those of you who shop there frequently... think twice.


Anonymous said...

but you should boycott it.
i'm boycotting taco bell, but that doesn't mean i'd go there if i wasn't boycotting it. it's just more fun to boycott things. even if it's for monetary (or digestive) purposes.

and your blog stinks.
(gasp! i think it just became opposite day!)

-your sister (who excuses this comments dumbness with the fact that she has been surrounded with people who celebrate things like opposite day, stick their heads into their teacher's shirt and cover her with smelly tempra paint.)

stacita said...

i have blog envy too. it happens.

mrupe said...

I wish I could say something biting. I'm trying, I really am. But the truth is, I LOVE this blog! I'm always so excited when I get to read it.


You know what you should do? Go find someone with absolutely no sense of humor and no social conscience who doesn't understand wit and ask for a biting critique.

I hear people like that hate bloges like yours.

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