Sunday, June 26, 2005

alaska looks like an elephant

(and seven other not-so-deep thoughts that crossed the space between my ears this weekend)...
8. it's true, if you look at a map of the U.S. and focus in on Alaska, it looks sort of like an elephant's head
7. i saw a real live banana slug in santa cruz this weekend. it was totally sweet.
6. banana slugs look more like yellow jalapeno peppers than bananas, or even plaintains.
5. whole foods makes a pretty good rendition of "cherry garcia," albeit a rendition that is somewhat more fruity and (ever so slighty) less fatty than the original.
4. at first i thought that banana slugs were a pretty ridiculous mascot for a school... then i remembered that "maroons" are even more preposterous.
3. you can make your own chocolate croissant (DIY-style) by inserting hershey's chocolate bars into a plain croissant. it's very satisfying.
2. the word re-rar, should really be used more often.
1. today my waitress took forever to come and take my order and i was like "re-rar!"

And finally, to point to some news that has really got me depressed: Richmond has had eight murders in the past two weeks. This news just breaks my heart.

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