Thursday, June 16, 2005

Darlin' don't you go and cut your hair

I realized something, all over again, when I recently cut my hair. I really chopped a lot of it off and like the results. It was a good move. No matter what though, whenever I get a haircut, I get a little self-conscious. I believe this all stems from the fact that if you change your 'do, and especially if you make a dramatic change, people are almost required to notice. When most people notice drastic alterations, they also feel obligated to voice their opinion. The thing is, no one ever tells you if your haircut is awful. The only thing you can say is when observing someone's new hairtcut is some variation of "I like your new haircut" (to varying degrees of intensity). Because this is the standard, called-for remark, there is really no way of knowing whether people honestly think you look alright, awesome, or totally doofy. This causes me some concern and makes me very bashful. One might think that ignorance, when it comes to knowing what people think of you, is bliss. Au contraire, mes amis, it's nerve wracking.

On a different note, tonight I watched Gilmore Girls for the first time. It was an old episode, second season perhaps (?) when Rory goes to a school dance. I've more or less sworn off the WB since the second season of Dawson's. However, I have heard good things about the WB as of late from people I deeply respect. People who know television. People like M. Rup. and NRF. Nonetheless, I was skeptical of Gilmore Girls. My tredipidation proved me wrong because the show was kind of awesome. I may be back in the WB fold.

The dialogue, as critcs have acclaimed, really is fast-paced, witty, and real. Overall I was struck by the sort of after-school special feeling of the show. Perhaps a regular viewer can confirm or deny whether this is typical of the show as a whole or just intrinsic to the subject matter of this particular episode... On the other hand, the after-school special characteristics of this episode might have been enhanced by the fact that I watched it with a friend and her 14 year old daughter. Viewing the episode in that setting made me want to own the DVDs when I'm a parent someday. I can just envision sitting my little Dirteeny down to watch this very episode the first time she breaks curfew or doesn't come home. It brings a wee tear to my eye.

Finally, to explain my sudden Gilmore Girls attraction I have to confess that I thought the soundtrack was intriguing. The slow dance was not Keith Sweat circa my Junior High days (now remastered on I Tunes which makes me feel OLD... maybe that song was played in 6th grade? My aging memory fails me...), nor was it 98 degrees or whatever the kids are listening to today. No, the slow dance was Mazzy Star "Fade Into You." What an incongruous choice for a slow dance. TV producers, even Josh Schwartz, can't seem to master the art of an accurate school dance track. On GG, "Fade Into You," was followed by another older slow song (possibly) a la Mazzy Star. I searched in vain for this song, I remember it from ages ago, on Google and I-tunes to no avail. This is really bothering me. Please, GG groupies, send me the title of this song. It is a duet with a male and female singer. Although I suck at deciphering lyrics and usually make up my own (e.g., until two years ago I thought "Glory Days" by Springsteen was "Forty Days." For this I blame too many Sunday School lessons that focused on Noah's Ark or Jesus in the wilderness). Despite my tendency to screw up lyrics, I am virtually certain that the woman sings "You ran away but now you're back" at one juncture. My guess is that this song is featured on other soundtracks too. That is all. Please do assist me in my quest. Many thanks.


stacita said...


i fucking miss you too. so bad. i miss bezerkely and our enchanted lies.

let the boring to death begin soon. we need it.

ps: i wanna see a pic of the hair

wt said...

Dude, this was not easy. I've never seen that specific episode nor heard the song in question. But yes, I am a big fan both of the show, and of the blog.

So I found the name of the episode, an obscure listing of the music listed in the episode, and ultimately found the lyrics to the songs that looked promising.

Check out Jesus and Mary Chain--Sometimes Always.

The line appears to be... "You went away you can't come back."

The song is indeed listed on I-tunes.

dirteens said...

wt, holy crap. thank you so much for your persistence, your unstoppable fan-tasticness, and for pointing me to this song. wow.

Mrupe said...

YAY! Gilmore Girls is awesome!! I assure you that most eps do not feel like an after-school special--partially because Rory is like 'super-16' year-old and is never even tempted to do anything that would pose the requisite moral question to have an after-school special. It's funny and fun and I'm glad you liked it!!