Sunday, June 05, 2005

some scattered thoughts and observations over the past few days

10. My reaction to the following comment = possibly a little overboard: Overheard in reference to either Sandra Day O'Connor or Ruth Bader Ginsburg - "You know, I never hear much about her husband. He must be really confident to marry a woman like her. I mean, can you imagine having to say, 'Yeah, my wife's a Supreme Court Justice?'" Perhaps it's this attitude and this sort of male anxiety about being a breadwinner that keeps corporate America looking the way it does.
9. Biased comments from a former vegetarian: I think, in some cases but not all, people go vegan because it gives them something to talk about... all the time. Needless to say that is sort of a pet peeve. A friend offered another interpretation which I also find valid. She thought that the choice to go vegan and consequent obsessive chatter about that choice can be a good cover for a serious eating disorder. GP.
8. Wine tasting snobbiness from a 2 buck chuck girl at heart: Napa ain't got nothing on Sonoma. Although I visited Sonoma with my darling roommates on a weekday, which automatically gave it an edge over crowded Napa on Saturday, in my opinion Sonoma is sweeter, smaller, greener, and in most cases tastier than Napa.
7. Cowboy Ninja Bear: Deserves the hype. Courtesy of this site the rules of the game are: i) Cowboy beats Bear (because of his pistol), ii) Ninja beats Cowboy (his stealth allows him to kill the Cowboy in his bunk), and iii) Bear beats Ninja (it's a bear, end of story).
6. Possibly the sweetest website ever: One of my former economics professors, Steve Levitt, has been getting a lot of favorable press on his new book, "Freakonomics." I hope to read it soon so I was checking out more reviews on the book's home page. On that page there was a link to his blog which took me to this phenomenal site, The Baby Name Wizard. I could play with this gadget for hours. You type in names (even just the first few letters to see a cluster) and can gauge the popularity of the name over the past century of American babymaking history. Dirtina did not make the list. Dirk, its closest cousin peaked in the 1960s at number 471. I was disappointed to see that my choice name for a potential future daughter is on the upswing but happy to note that the probable name of my first born son is still pretty darn archaic.
5. I should stop playing with this name generator and help jdm pack his room in boxes.
4. I am hungry so I'm going to stop now.
3. This top ten list will remain incomplete. Sorry.


ctn said...

it's been forever since i've read any websites beyond westlaw and lexis! sorry for the long absence, and i'm sorry to have missed your blue spell. things are getting better on my end with work, so i can totally appreciate the feeling of being overworked. i figured out for myself this weekend that we are going to have the rest of our lives to do work. right now, we are summer associates, and although we should do some work, we should not worry about working late into the nights or on weekends. the program is designed in a way that prevents us from being productive. everyone knows this, and - honestly - we are not expected to produce nearly as much as first year associates.

i essentially dropped one of my cases today [or, rather, i hinted that i had other things on my plate, and my attorney just assigned my project on the case to other summer associates). she totally understood and said that she wanted me to be able to have the real summer associate experience [i.e., trying out a variety of things, dabbling, having 2-hour lunches, going to different events.]. part of the realization was that we are very much expendable at a law firm - it'd be silly, i think, to work ourselves to death, (1) under the illusion that the case will go to hell if we're not there, or (2) think taht everything must be done *now*. seriously - half of our "deadlines" are probably self-imposed anyway.

associates keep telling me that if we bill 3 or 4 hours a day, we'll be in good shape.

so i guess, don't feel overworked - maybe the solution is to take on less, not to work harder. the burn-out rate in this business is massive, so try your best to be productive, but don't let the work eat your weekends and time with family / friends except in special circumstances.

sorry for the diatribe, but i'm still trying to get the hang of it myself.

but anyway - i am commenting b/c of #10 on the list. it reminds me of a case i was working on - i was going through a company's standard form letters. . .you know, the ones that have fill-in-the-blanks? anyway - the greeting, which was NOT fill-in-the-blank, was "dear gentlemen."

that's corporate america for you. hugs

mrupert said...

Even an incomplete top ten list gets props if it's this cute! i'd overreact to the comment re: Mr. Ruth Bader Ginsburg/Mr. Sandra Day O'Connor as well! :)

dirteens said...

c & m - great points, all of them. i miss you both so much.