Saturday, November 12, 2005

Who needs a "logicboard" anyway?

This past week has not numbered among my best. In chief, the problems come down to the second failure of my computer because of a crack in its "logicboard." Apparently, this board of logic is the nerve center of my laptop and when it goes on the fritz... all hell breaks loose. On Tuesday morning I knew all was not well because my screen did what I call "the matrix" in the middle of criminal procedure. Lines started crossing my open windows, things froze, little green numbers started trailing down my screen and I panicked.* As it turns out, my panicked state was warranted because after bringing in my computer to the folks at the Mac Store, I learned that something was rotten in the state of my computer.

On top of the logicboard flaw, my entire hard drive had bitten the dust. Upon hearing this news I had a bit of a meltdown myself. Once I recovered, I managed to cajolethe folks at Mac to give data recovery on my behalf one last valiant effort. Happily, they managed to retrive all of my word documents from my time at Boalt. This was cause for great celebration but sadly, I lost all my music, my photos, and my emails.**

Over the course of this week and this loss, I've learned exactly how much my computer means to me. I was devastated and quite inconsolable when I thought everything was lost. It's been tough to shake this sense of frustration and the knowledge that not having my laptop is going to set me back a bit in terms of my studying and my all-too-elusive writing requirement. It feels as though these logicboard cracks are contagious. If I had one, it feels like it would be cracked right now too. I suppose the lesson to be learned in all of this is to lighten up, invest less (of my worth and energy) in my personal possessions, and... above all else - BACK UP YOUR DATA. That is my public service announcement. That is all.

* In reality, no awesome numbers dripped down my screen but it did begin to look as though it were possessed.
** I know, I know, I could have paid thousands of dollars to folks at Lazarus or Drivesavers to get this information but the cost of that operation could match my Bar expenses and I had to say no.


Casey said...

Broken logicboard, broken logicboard. Seriously.

(if necessary, ask Jeff for a decoding of that statement).

G. said...

My favorite law school laptop story was when I took mine in to get repaired, and was told by the Best Buy repair guy that "they keep making these things smaller, but that also means they get more fragile... they're just not meant to be carried around every day."

The funny thing is, he said it without a trace of irony.

ctn said...

i'm so sorry to hear that, dear -- my computer spazzed out on me last year during exam period as well, and now it's also shutting down randomly, so i totally know how you feel. i thought it was a dell issue, but apparently it extends to apple.

i hope it's going to work out . . . . .:(