Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Six Reasons for the Recent Blog Hiatus

6. The fact that my dear roommate pointed out how little my blog is worth hasn't helped me to feel motivated to post. See, e.g.:
5. The Social Security System in the old US of A is pretty darn complicated. I'm trying hard to write a paper that explains all this complexity that's (1) not mind-numbingly boring; (2) still really quite long so that it satisfies my stinking writing requirement; and (3) not as confusing or complex as my topic itself.
4. I've been thinking about the riots in Paris, the indictments, Scalito's nomination, the news of secret CIA prisons throughout Eastern Europe and beyond, but honestly, I've got little to add. I am happy that something is finally serving to take Bush down a notch, at least in the polls, but the news, for the most part, has been so depressing lately that I can't find anything to say.
3. I might have posted something about ANTM tonight but the episode wasn't new. Instead of eliminating another girl, Tyra recapped the season's episodes thus far. I was bored to tears but kept watching and came away with one take-home point: Jayla is America's Next Top Beeyotch. The producers have either been really merciless in editing her or she is truly one of the meanest individuals to ever surface on this show. Stay tuned for Tyra's inevitable heart-to-heart with Jayla which reveals the reasons for her 'tude and magically transforms her into America's darling. Also, tune in to UPN next week for what's certain to be some of the worst television ever. Former ANTM contestants will be starring on UPN's crappy shows, get this, every night of the week. If the acting wasn't atrocious to begin with, wait until the models arrive. Perhaps the idea behind this is to make the regular stars look halfway competent. What ingenuity!
2. This morning, I would have posted but I had an eye exam and my pupils were crazy dilated. I wore my sunglasses into the library and tried to work on my computer but the screen was too bright. With little else to do, I turned to reading Social Security cases off the Lexis printer.
1. I suppose the top reason for my lack of posting is that in the spirit of procrastination, I've stooped so low as to neglect even my blog.

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