Saturday, October 22, 2005

Rumors of My Elopement Have been Vastly Overstated

Admittedly, only one person (my darling little sister), has jumped to the conclusion that while in Vegas I eloped. Despite the actual lack of popular belief in this falsehood I see it fit to expel any rumors about my wedded status. I remain unmarried even after 72 hours in Las Vegas. The cheesy romance of the Excalibur wedding chapel and ceremony packages were enticing but rest assured that I mangaged to avoid getting hitched this week.

What I didn't manage to avoid this week was near complete unproductivity and an onslaught of food like you wouldn't believe. I believe I may feel full for the next couple of weeks. On the productivity note, if anyone has a suggestion about how to reform Social Security, let me know.

Finally, because I have little else to say but feel that I should be posting something on this oft-neglected blog - feel free to vote for what I should dress up as for Halloween:

a. a racy stripper-esque pirate (a la Treasure Island Casino show because this seems a funny play on the typical girl costumes of "sexy devil," "sexy cat," or "sexy schoolgirl").
b. middle-aged slot machine fanatic from the Midwest
c. other suggestions?


jsa said...

any outfit showing off the gb.

Though midwestern slot machine addict is pretty damn funny.

mrupe said...

sexy pirate! i vote sexy pirate!

stacita said...

50% off thong rack.

dan ashwood said...

a little of both?