Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Dianetics of Vegas

As I write the din of slot machines echoes in the background. Quite the ambiance they provide in these snazzy Casino "business centers". Although I don't have the time to share all of my observations about Vegas I will say this: I like a town where fanny packs are fashion forward. I like a town with free drinks. I like a town with unbelievable boo-fays.

All that said, I am longing for the fresh-ish air of Berkeley and for a simple meal of say, cereal, even after just 2 days of Sin City.

Back to the glitz I go. More on ho trading cards, the trials and tribulations of finding good boots, and yard-long margaritas to come.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping me updated on your life sis. Vegas? What the heck?
My impression of Vegas was that the people in TJ are way happier, and the food isn't really all that much better than BJ on fancy night. Have fun. -lardo

Anonymous said...

hold up...you didn't tell me you're going to vegas...are you eloping?
i will be slightly offended. at least you could have told me. but then i guess it wouldn't be an elopement, now would it.