Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Some Comments on Blog Commments

Recently, I've gotten a number of spam-like comments on this blog. I have chosen not to allow these comments to appear on my blog but some of them are pretty hilarious.

Earlier today I got this one from someone named "Jack Naka":

"Cool blog you have going here, I will check in often! I have a similar site about teen fashion. It pretty much covers teen fashion related stuff."

How did Mr. Naka know that I _love_ teen fashion? I am so into those silly looking shrunken sweaters. And sparkly glitter bags? Don't even get me started. In case you're interested in his hugely lame website, I'm giving you the opportunity to check it out. Knock your tweeny socks off.

On another note, the bulk of anonymous comments on my blog has also increased. By increase I mean to say that I've gotten some comments from people I either don't know or people who, for reasons of shame or the desire to keep secrets, chose not to reveal who they are. I don't have a problem with anonymous comments per se. In fact, I think I would be mistaken to require folks to reveal their identity if they want to leave a comment here. If I did that, ridiculous comments like this one (also see infra after the entry about the Yale survey NYT article) wouldn't see the light of day :

"As a male, from a purely self-interested perspective, the high proportion of women in law school improves my future career chances. Inevitably, many women who are currently my peers will exit the path to partnership/prestige/more money because only very few women can wear the mommy and the career hats. I think that's wrong, but knowing that 35-40% of us (the guys) will, by sole virtue of biology, be 80% of the competiton for the best jobs in 10 years helps assuage career-related anxieties."

Comment away. My sarcastic reaction was to suggest that "anonymous" head straight to Yale where he can begin seducing young women who are eager to stay at home and support his career aspirations. Upon further reflection, this comment is pretty astute in some ways although the "by sole virtue of biology" aspect is a bit reductive. Do many men in law school feel this way? Are the jobs that are going primarily to men really the "best jobs?"


Bootina Katsalis said...

An anonymous blogger criticizing anonymous comments? The irony bites, like the puppies that I hate and fear more than life itself!

dirteens said...

you make a valid point "bootina," i guess i want to have my cake and eat it too. however, i posit that this blog is less anonymous than i had initially intended because a google search for my real name will, eventually, reveal this site.