Saturday, July 13, 2013


The background picture on the blog is quite outdated.  This is one of the best we have of all four of us.  Grandpa Dave took it on 11 Long a couple of weeks ago, the Sunday of Pride weekend.  Stella's new haircut makes her look three and three-quarters going on 13.  Lydia is rather pensive, no?  Stella and I are sporting our Team Miner shirts, Jeff is wearing UCSF couture - Summer 2013, and Lydia was closest to being appropriately clad for Pride in her joyful, rainbow polka dots.  
Jeff succeeds in getting Stella to smile.


ElizabethS said...

Cheeseballs perhaps, but really really cute ones. Is Jeff sneakily tickling Stella?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

You guys are adorable. Cheese and all.
Love from CO.

Tia Jah Wynne Ayers said...

Great picture! I could never see Jeff on the blog background, so it's great to have a view of him, and the babies are adorable!

dirteens said...

Thanks everyone. Not sure if Jeff was tickling Stella, but it kind of looks that way.