Friday, September 13, 2013

You Give Me Fever...

Good evening everyone,

Quick update. Jeff appears to be on the mend. His fever has been gone since last night and whatever was causing it must be responding to the antibiotic or antiviral meds coursing through his veins. His white blood cell counts are creeping up. So far all of the tests for various infections are coming back negative.  This is good.  It is also somewhat common in cases of febrile neutropenia.  About half the time someone undergoing chemo spikes a fever, the doctors cannot pinpoint a cause and it just resolves over time and with appropriate medical attention.

For tomorrow the docs will keep watching their cultures to see if anything specific turns up in terms of an infection.  Jeff will rest, drink Ensure, and eat a special, entirely pureed diet (his mouth still hurts quite a bit).  He's also currently on "airborne precautions" - which means everyone who enters his room gets to wear a combo mask/visor - so I'm thinking the girls and I will party in the vicinity of Potrero tomorrow.  They don't make these stylish accessories in sizes appropriate for babies.  Not even babies with massive noggins.

Assuming he continues to improve and remains fever-free for 48 hours, Jeff should return home on Sunday.  I'm cautiously optimistic.

Now for a parting (malfunctioning) "gif."


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