Tuesday, June 20, 2006

ATTENTION Lyrical Geniuses: I need your help.

I've recently started attending this awesome boot-camp type of fitness class at the gym here on campus with my friend E. The instructor has an affinity for funkalicious R&B and pop-reggae tunes. Every day so far, we students have been regaled with the same (entertaining) mix. At the end of the class, the mix features this one hilarious song. I know only a tiny portion of the lyrics but, honest to God, they seem to be, "Shake your B-O-T-Y."

I'm pretty sure that B-O-T-Y is an incorrect spelling of booty, but I suppose one can never be too certain. Does B-O-T-Y mean something I'm unfamiliar with? If not, how could an error this egregious pass by the producer's vigilant ears? I am dying to download this song, but knowing so few lyrics, I can't seem to find it. My Google searches have been unavailing as they suggest KC & the Sunshine Band's famous tune or imply that I am misspelling my inquiry.

Can anyone help this bored bar-taker out?

Also, QUOTE OF THE WEEK, in a thoughtful response to my inability to hang out with a friend: "It's not you being lame, it's the Bar being lame."


dirteens said...

So, my dear roommate "Castro" just figured out my quandary with the song. I think, as per usual, I misheard the lyrics which actually spell "B-O-T-Y." While embarassing, I think this is a more understandable error than when, for example, I thought "Glory Days" was "40 Days."

Anonymous said...

you of all people should know how to spell booty, miss original gb...