Thursday, June 08, 2006

Shame on Me

I should be reading a Conviser Mini Outline right now but I felt like updating this too-long neglected blog. Besides, if I learned one thing in law school, it was that I can rely on Chemerinksy to teach me anything. Thank God for Chemerinksy I say. Furthermore, TGIF tomorrow.

Before I bore you any further by making a few more unsolicited comments about Bar Review, I do have some newsworthy information to impart. I got engaged two weeks ago! The author of the, even more neglected blog, Island of Misfit Toys, is my fabulous fiance. [He's one witty dude, eh? Perhaps with some prodding from my three faithful readers, he might even start blogging again...] I am thrilled and excited to be engaged but still stumbling over the word "fiance." Is there a synonym that sounds less fruity? Perhaps I could invent a word from the ridiculous Real Property vocabulary I'm learning now for the first time.

On that note, it turns out that Property Law questions remind me a little bit of the Logic Games section of the LSAT. Everyone always pisses and moans about that Games section. Often times, people complain that it has no real world implications. Well, the next time you have to figure out some sort of insane chain of future interests, messed-up restrictive covenant drama, or "chain of title," those games will seem eerily familiar. Personally, the Games section of the LSAT was my favorite part. In fact, I liked puzzling them out so much that I didn't so much bother teaching myself how to approach the reading comprehension section. Now that I'm facing Property questions, I am getting a similar code-cracking feeling from deciphering these ridonkulous vocabulary words. I can't say that I find this process satisfying, but I do hold out hope that at some point I will understand these "words" and perhaps this topic will not be such a black hole for me.

I'll close with an example of some definitions I wish existed in the law:

Remainderman: The clean-up guy at dinner, see, e.g., my father. The man who eats everything left on everyone else's plates so nothing goes to waste.
Avulsion: The feeling of panic and illness that comes over a student who took my "Property" class when faced with Property questions.
Reverter: A popular Berserker death-grind cover band. "My love for you is like a truck, REVERTER!"


stephanie said...


dirteens said...

Steph, thank you! And congratulations to you on your publication. I hope to get my hands on it soon. Miss you.

Derrida Does Dallas said...

My personal favorite synonyms for you to use would be "betrothed" or "intended". Now, as you are going into law and he is going into the bowels of academia, he could certainly use the above terms as well, but I think "advance meal ticket" might also work.

And a thousand times, congrats =)

dirteens said...

Derrida, I far prefer "advance meal ticket" to the "sugar mama" which is already mr. m's favorite diminuitive. I will pass along your suggestion. Hope all is well!

Jonah said...

Katina! Congratulations! I once had a co-worker who so disliked the word "fiancee" that she took to calling her betrothed "that f-word". Clearly there was a bit of explaining and some confusion when I first heard this, but it seemed to work for them.
Congratulations again!