Sunday, June 18, 2006


This weekend, at a fantastic rehearsal dinner at Fat's in Folsom*, I received a very unusual fortune. I think this fortune tops the one my mother used to get in every cookie she ate at the Great Wall in Minneapolis. [Mind you, we ate there often enough to receive Christmas cards from the owners.] Her fortune was, "You will meet a tall, dark woman." My fortune read:

"Alas! The onion you are eating is some else's water lily."

Now, I've never seen a fortune that starts with the word, "Alas." I was a bit startled by that, not to mention the fact that it was followed by a fright-inducing exclamation point. This bit about the lily and onion has me a little stumped. I believe leeks are part of the lily family... Perhaps this has something to do with not wallowing in bitterness and self-pity... Your thoughts?

*My very best wishes to the lovely Lew-Williamses (see above)!


M said...

your shoes are wonderful. where in the world did you find them???

dirteens said...

Thank you! They're from Old to the Navy - they come in coral and green too I think.

E to the Pan said...

You look so pretty!!
By your friend "E," I'm thinking another friend whose name starts with and E? Another Emily, perhaps?

I have been thinking of trying that bote-comp klass. Gladd therrs som boty-shakin tharr!

dirteens said...

E to the Pan, you should definitely join me and Emily S. for the "bote-comp klass." Apparently the lyrics in the radical song actually refer to shaking our "body." Even so, we can shake our booties:)