Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Vacation!

Hi everyone,

I took a bit of a vacation from posting, as you've possibly noticed if anyone is still reading this blog. After my birthday, I ramped up planning for Stella's fourth birthday party which took away from my limited downtime in which to blog.  I also tried to take it easy with Jeff as much as possible for a couple days.  The previous cycle of chemo was rough, since the effects of the drugs are somewhat cumulative.  He even had to get a transfusion for the first time because his red blood cell counts were so low.  This is typical for his chemo regimen, and he is doing fine, but, of course, now that he is just beginning to feel better, he is headed back into the hospital tomorrow.  Womp womp.

Fortunately, before he goes back, we managed to squeeze in some fun.  This past weekend Beth and Casey and Chris and Vedrana came to visit.  It was a delight to see them.  We are also hugely indebted to them because they made Stella's party possible by helping us set up the laboratory (the party was science themed), frosted cupcakes, bought last minute ice for drinks, cleaned up the chaos afterwards, etc. etc.  I so wish that Chicago and Kansas City were closer to San Francisco.  At least Bowling Green will be marginally nearer.

All in all, Stella's birthday was a success.  Kids ran around, consumed a lot of sugar, did some silly science, and Hayley even brought dry ice, which captivated the masses and was totally awesome!  I also have to recommend throwing a science-themed party if you have a girl and would rather avoid totally girly presents - like Barbies and such.  Although Stella really doesn't need any more toys, people gave her some incredibly cool, fun, and even educational (bonus!) presents.  She is now, for instance, the proud owner of a Bug Catcher, a microscope, a logic game, legos, and more.  Erika even made her an adorable rainbow pennant bunting for her room.  Her dream of having a rainbow butterfly bedroom is totally coming to fruition.

After the birthday party on Saturday, we laid relatively low on Sunday to recover.  Monday was Stella's actual birthday and the day Lydia turned six months old.  We went out for breakfast in the morning and then they both got immunizations (woohoo) and visited the doctor.  They are doing great.  Lydia has a cold at the moment, but is growing like a weed.  A chubby double or triple chin weed, that is.  Stella is still a bit of a string bean, but is firmly on the growth charts, which is saying something for my side of the family.  Jeff also went to the clinic on Monday and he did not require another transfusion. Following all these doctors' visits, we headed up to Mill Valley where the Fitzgeralds have kindly opened their home to us for a mini-vacation.  The past day and change has been lovely and restorative, even despite Lydia's snotty and feverish (due to shots) night wakings.

So that I can enjoy the rest of our time up here, I'm going to sign off.  Open slots for visiting Jeff in the hospital are still available, so check Lotsa and sign up if you can.



Erika said...

The vacation sounds lovely, can't wait to hear more! Let me know if Lydia needs a name banner, too...it's all the rage (for people that I make presents for). :)

dirteens said...

Just want to acknowledge that I totally overused the word totally in that post. Totally.