Thursday, August 01, 2013

Jeff Returns to the Blogosphere

Team Miner:

I have been prodding/nagging Jeff to return to blogging.  He is an excellent and hilarious writer.  Finally (finally!) he has answered my pleas.

You can visit his blog at  His triumphant return post shares Stella's (and his) review of "The Rescuers Down Under."  I won't spoil their critique.  You'll have to check it out.

Other thematic ideas we have contemplated for Jeff's future blog entries include:

  • "Open Letters" to things that are not fun about cancer (e.g. vincristine, neuropathy, etc.).  This would be in the vein of this excellent (and yes, profane) piece on McSweeney's entitled: "An Open Letter to People Who Use the “Battle” Metaphor for Other People Who Have the Distinct Displeasure of Cancer."
  • Pseudo-Yelp reviews of various parts of the UCSF campus:  the PET scan machine, the MRI machine, the 14th floor, the 11th floor, etc.
Perhaps these entries, and more, will come your way soon dear readers.  Hint, hint Jeff.


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