Friday, August 30, 2013

One thing after another

Hello Team,

Jeff was on calendar for admission to the hospital on Wednesday of this week. That didn't happen. Thursday also came and went. So now it is mid-afternoon on Friday and we are at the hospital, waiting on a bed. With any luck, drug one of the chemo cocktail will start tonight. Due to this minor delay, I've added some visit dates to the Lotsa calendar on Monday and Tuesday evening and on Tuesday morning. If you can come visit, please sign up!

So, I had what I thought would be a regular chiropractic adjustment scheduled this morning.  I have wonky (Greek) hips that get out of alignment with some degree of regularity. Since Lydia's birth really, the soreness and pain that I tend to get in my hips has been a bit worse. I chalked it up to lugging a chunky baby around all the time, but apparently something else is up. It appears that I may have a torn labrum - ring of cartilage surrounding my left hip socket. 

Thus, it's my turn to get an MRI next week. Joy. Once the docs can view the inside of my hip, they will confirm what is really going on, and what treatment I will require. It sounds like the likely outcome is arthroscopic/outpatient surgery + recovery.  My newly instituted running regime is also called off temporarily, as is vigorous walking, and walking up hills.  That rather limits my strolling options in our neighborhood.  So, while I want to self-medicate with ice cream, I should probably lay off given that I need to rest the ol' hip.  Phooey!

Stay tuned here for an update. Hopefully, this is nothing more than a chronic injury or labor and delivery-induced tear and I can schedule the surgery on my terms, when Jeff is totally done with chemo and bonus chemo. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for a quick and straightforward diagnosis and that I will have an update by the end of next week. In the meantime, maybe someone can send me a bionic hip? And a cold beer?



Anonymous said...

Argh! Hoping for the best possible results from the MRI -- straightforward answers and that you can treat whatever it is at your own "convenience" . . . . .


Ice cream, especially Moose Tracks, is a good remedy, but frozen grape juice is better.
Jeff is part of our Hope prayer team's prayers and gets a Pastor Kevin mention every Sunday. Kevin sends his best wishes to Jeff.
The Old Ogre AKA Grandpa