Sunday, August 04, 2013

Weekend Update

[Unlike the one on SNL, which is at least occasionally funny, I can't promise that this one will be at all. Just the facts, really. And something is wrong, either with Blogger or my version of Internet Explorer, so I apologize for any unusually terrible formatting.] 

We had a pretty good weekend. Well, I should say that my mom, Stella, and Lydia and I had a good weekend. We had a lot planned and Jeff still felt crappy, so we girls didn't really see much of him. That bummed me out. On the upside, his mouth is finally beginning to feel a bit less sore and he is talking more or less normally again. He hasn't even had to down any Ensure this weekend. That's a win because that stuff is foul. He also blogged again - which is a win for us all. 

 Despite having a fun weekend, I am feeling very anxious about the PET scan tomorrow. Instead of writing anything about that, I'll share a couple highlights of our weekend, in no particular order, for those of us who actually left Potrero Hill. 

Weekend highlights for Lydia: baby spa time (a.k.a. a bath, but they are relatively rare in our household so they qualify as something quite special and therapeutic, like a spa), a delicious dinner of rice cereal and breastmilk, her first real ride in our "big kid" stroller. 

Weekend highlights for Stella (judging by high volume of her voice, which - when she's not throwing a fit - usually indicates sheer delight/unbridled excitement): seeing lemurs, the new baby tiger, assorted other animals and PENGUINS at the zoo, playing lemurs - which involved pretending to poop and pee all over the place with Siri, chasing seagulls away from our picnic lunch at the zoo with Siri, riding on the Thomas Train at Danjo's party, seeing a helicopter airlift a dude up into the sky on the way to Danjo's party, making and consuming banana chocolate chip pancakes topped with whipped cream, (hopefully) sleeping in her big girl bed tonight. 

Weekend highlights for me: a largely peaceful and very beautiful drive to Felton, delicious vanilla cupcakes and orzo pasta salad made by Lauren, dinner OUT (***WITHOUT KIDS***) with Neha and the time to really talk with her, a chance to read my book on my solo ride on Muni (I cannot believe a Muni trip qualifies as a highlight in my life these days. This is actually quite disturbing given how much I usually complain about it.), catching up with Erika and getting to see her kiddos and Lia at the zoo today. 

Weekend highlights for my mom: witnessing the aforementioned helicopter incident, seeing animals she'd never seen before at the zoo (kangaroo, hippo, rhino), seeing Erika, Siri, Nea, Rina, and Lia, reading "Gorky Rises" (another William Steig hit) with Stella, traveling through the redwoods on the Thomas Train, long walks in the neighborhood with Lydia in the Ergo.


Unknown said...

Highlights sound great! My mom was here this weekend as well. Mom time is the best.

Thinking of you ALL and praying for comfort as you go in for scans tomorrow. xoxoxo

Amy in CO

Terry & Mary Gustafson said...

Praying for you all and all that its coming up in the next few days. Love your blogs (and now Jeff's) with your honesty, openness and humor.

dirteens said...

Thanks Amy and Gustafsons.