Sunday, March 27, 2005

50 Cent is my new clothier

While in NYC I made a shopping stop at Century 21 with one of my roommates. We were blown away by the daunting selection, the range of European languages spoken within the dressing rooms, the Prada, the Marc Jacobs, and the generally awesome deals on brand name labels and top couture. In a brief conversation with a cashier I learned that live (cat)fights regularly break out over shoes, purses, and more. Unfortunately, I missed seeing a squabble.

In any event, I purchased some shirts and sunglasses. One shirt I found is pretty unassuming (like most of my clothes). It's a small brown, cotton tank top. It has skinny satin straps and a small amount of lace at the top and bottom. When I tried it on, I noticed it had a small label sewn on the bottom left side, a la American Eagle or Abercrombie. I paid the label no mind and figured I'd remove it when I got home.

Well, my laziness proved too great and I went ahead and wore the shirt yesterday without removing the little label. Always sharply observant jdm noticed this tag and registered a look of incredulous disbelief.
  • "G-Unit?"
  • he exclaimed, "Isn't that 50 Cent's brand?" I couldn't believe my good fortune. Turns out, after checking the tag online, that I am unwittingly part of 50 Cent's fine posse. You can catch me in 'da club...

    In other news: Christos Anesti! And tomorrow the story of my mysterious mail.

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