Thursday, March 24, 2005

Egg Cream, or Egg Dream?

While in NYC I ate a lot of good food. Tried the matzo ball soup, pastrami, hot dogs, pizza, and cheesecake. I reaped the amazing benefit of tasting homemade chicken cutlets. You have not lived until you've tried these - crispy, succulent, slightly sweet, totally delicious. Yesterday, after a pleasant trip to the Museum of Natural History, I realized one taste sensation was still left unconquered. I had not yet tasted the fabled "egg cream" and I had just over 12 hours in which to track one down and take it home.

This spurred immediate Internet research where I learned the following:
  1. Egg creams are nearly universally revered. Even people on Atkins seem to dig them.
  2. Egg creams have NO real egg in them.
  3. Egg creams are bubbly.
  4. Egg creams can be chocolate.
  5. A lot of egg creams live in Brooklyn.

To spare you the details of long and tortuous walks down Broadway in search of this delicacy, through snow, sleet, hail, and rogue umbrellas... I will summarize with this - egg cream, you were unbelievable. My thirst is not quenched. You were delicious. I will find you again. This is my quest.

Now if only "Super" Shuttle were as determined to pick me up. I'm afraid I'm soon to miss my flight.


jdm said...

this blog rox my sox.

cdub said...

bienvenidos a la manada de ovejas.
(i hope that means what i intend)

i like this blog because i can identify with the experience of losing hardy midwestern (physical) sensibilities. you guys picked perhaps the best week to be out of the notional 'bay area.' It rained, virtually without pause, for five straight days. All day friday, saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday. And the temperature hovered around forty degrees. In the formerly bleeding state, we would refer to this as "good weather" for late March. Actually, my brother made that comment yesterday because it was snowing at home.

also, strong use of parentheticals and scintillating review of egg creams.

dirteens said...

cdub, merci! i'm glad your colleague's snooping about revealed your blog b/c i've enjoyed reading it myself. shall i link to you? er, can i link to you? i'm feeling self-conscious with only un seul ami.

cdub said...

i'd be honored. je voudrais etre...
um, your second link. and jdm is not the only snooper. the stolen briefcase sets a new standard for cinematic brilliance in the 21st century. i am serious. i almost peed my pants. awesome. solid camerawork, inspiring performances, vicious fight scenes. i wish i had friends who were that creative. see, this is the problem though: as awesome as we know the stolen briefcase is, what's going to happen when one of jdm's students, or future employers, uncovers it? or the picture where he has a drumstick up his nose? they will laugh, i hope, and prove they have a sense of humor. but there's a further danger beyond humorlessness...what if you're a heretic who dissents from certain opinions that are near universal in academia, and a potential employer digs up something you wrote on your blog and says "aha! eat it! no job for you!" i think the use of a nom de electronique is wise. anyway, i'm rambling. but the point stands: the stolen briefcase is awesome. and welcome back to the bay area.

dirteens said...

#2 it is, and forever it will be. hope to see you soon.