Thursday, March 31, 2005

wireless in class: blessing or curse?

Today students at Boalt received an email from our Dean. In pertinent part:

1. I am very pleased to announce that, at long last, serious wireless has come to Boalt -- in all classrooms except 100 -- and all classrooms finally have electric power to the seats.  We have now surpassed Haas School of Business in our wireless access, and have the largest installation on campus. 

This announcement came a bit late as I discovered the blissful existence of classroom wireless at least three weeks ago in Room 100 while dying to read more about ANTM and check my email in class one evening. At first I thought that the advent of wireless in all my classrooms was pure goodness. Certainly the service has improved in the library which is undoubtedly positive. Now, I'm beginning to wonder if the goodness is pure, but more like... cocaine is pure. I think I'm hopelessly addicted. It's becoming more and more difficult to stay engaged with old doctrines, obsolete case law, and general class discussion when I can read the news and correspond. I fear that unless I can curb the desire to sign on, this might seriously impact my grades. Even though I'm starting to question the wisdom behind this wireless invasion, I've got to admit it's provided some moments of pure hilarity. Yesterday my seatmate and I were merrily multitaksing (emailing, listening, and taking the occassional note) when someone IMed her with full sound effects. The only thing that was louder than the IM noise was her frantic reaction.

In other Boalt news, the law school rankings have been updated. Boalt Shool (sic) of Law is now #11 despite the spelling error on the very front of our building. For more info check out "Nuts and Boalts" to which I'm adding a link to this blog since it provides regular updates on happenings (at least among 1Ls) at Boalt.

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ctn said...

i agree. they are a total distraction. i'm e-mailing from class RIGHT NOW. i laugh when we talk about racism. that's bad.

my grades have taken a nose-dive. don't be like me. :(