Thursday, March 24, 2005

back home

Despite "Super" Shuttle's best efforts to thwart my flight home, I am safely and soundly on my way to bed in Berkeley. Although the first portion of my travels today were less than stellar, I slept like a rock once I finally made it on the plane. I swear, Jet Blue spikes their animal crackers with something crazy.

Returning to the East Bay reinstilled my appreciation for this place. Instead of sleet and cold, I returned to sunshine, expansive sunsets, and trees in full bloom. From a noisy place with cabs lining each street, I walked quietly home while tugging my wintery suitcase and didn't spot even one solitary cab. This was, for some reason, a very reassuring feeling.

[Since I'm writing on this Mac - I can't manage to underline any text. Please bear with my formatting issues and my embarassing technological ineptitude.]

On the OC tonight: Better fancy dresses than usual for the ladies. Ryan punching it up. A priceless oneliner from Ryan to Marissa dissing her typically abysmal fashion sense. Something like - "I think stupid hats are more your thing." Well, Marissa, let's be honest, so are unfortunately placed brooches.

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