Wednesday, March 23, 2005

In the Beginning...

This, my inaugural blog, must begin with an homage to A.F. Hagan. He opened his abode to me in NYC, fed me Frosted Donettes (TM) and questioned the impetus and the drive behind starting this little piece of online turf.

For awhile, I debated whether or not I should write something like an introductory post. Whether I should indulge in explaining that questionable impetus and drive. Whether there would be any use in explaining my reasons for starting this enterprise. To be honest, I only started this because at the end of an 8 day vacation, I began to feel like I had something to say. I've seen a lot of awesome stuff on this trip and have... reflections. Also, since jdm is contemplating getting tatted- I decided to make a (decidedly less permanent) life decision.

Although I don't think there's much use in explaining the rationale behind "For God and For Cheese" (since only the very first and possibly most devoted readers will ever see this) I will sketch out my thoughts nonetheless:
1. I am a terrible e-mailer. I have a real difficult time ever writing substantive emails to the people I don't see on a daily basis. Perhaps this blog will afford distant amigos and amigas an opportunity to read about the boring details of my normal life.
2. Often times I do stuff (e.g., walk for 2 hours in search of Chipotle burritos, talk to someone I don't know on the bus, eat animal crackers on Indian Rock) that I would like to write about.
3. Everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn't I? Ah, herd mentality.

Things I saw today: a pile of rocks that looked like vomit, a $5 "triple-hologram" postcard!!!, the lesser and greater koodoo, an old lady with a black eye on the Subway, chi-chi la-la strollers.
Things I may write about tomorrow - you heard it here first: (hopefully) a recap of a succesful search for the elusive and delicious "Egg Cream," the glories of JetBlue.

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Joe McCarthy said...

Andy Hagan is well known to be a Communist sympathizer. Take heed, Dirtina. Take heed.