Thursday, May 05, 2005

after school specials

If an episode of the OC ever needed some preachy advice-giving or should have offered episode-ending referrals, it was this one. In my opinion Sandy should have mentioned RAINN and for Kiki's sake Alcoholics Anonymous. I think I'm still experiencing secondary trauma. The episode was so intense. I'd offer you predictions about the next episode but I fear spoiling things for readers who haven't yet seen tonight's show.

In other news, the always wily jdm beat me to the punch but if someone can explain the value of my "blogShares," I'd really appreciate it. I am oddly inspired to do whatever I can to raise this piece of cheese's value.

2 finals down - one (annoyingly two-part) final left to go.


Maya said...

I haven't watched yet! I am harkened back to the late 80s when shows would advertise "A very special [fill in show title here]." Then the plot would center around some important social issue that would be treated so reductively that it was hardly recognizable. Then at the end (and here's the coups de gras) the main character would come out, introduce him/herself by their REAL (!) name and give us a number to call if the problem in the show was something we really struggled with.

Ah, I miss the late 80s. Our social problems these days suck and you know why? No celebrity endorsements.

rortina said...


dirteens said...

rortina, it's all for you.
rup, i totally agree. we need more celebrity endorsements. more celebrity identification with pressing social issues.
also, i just recalled that in one of the oliver episodes sandy and ryan did one of those little segments where they introduced themselves by their real names and provided viewers with a suicide prevention hotline number.
totally awesome.

rortina said...

"Hi, I'm Samaire Armstrong. You may remember me as Anna Stern on the hit show The O.C. Today I'm here to talk to you about the dangers of moving to Pittsburgh..."