Wednesday, May 11, 2005


after a brief blogging hiatus which involved the heart-wrenching editing of a painful 48 hour take-home exam along with healthy doses of chorizo, gelato, and vodk-o (with an "o" it sounds like a Shop-Ko version of the Russian staple or like my lovely "designer" handbag - "Prado") - i am soon to be a 3L. it is good to be done. tomorrow i'm off to the mall and then to wine country for roommate bonding. at some point i will put my life in boxes for the summer and move. hopefully, in the process i will further streamline my earthly possessions. going shopping tomorrow will surely impede my progress on that front.

some links i visited recently which are worthy of checking out:

artmuck (some posts by a childhood friend now located in chicago)
kill the vultures (the newest release by a childhood friend now located in chicago)

and, in case you didn't see this coming - proof that i (sort of) wish i were located in chicago...
note: chicago was my best fit even though i indicated that fitness is important to me (and we all know chi-town is phat, i mean fat) and even when i put the west as my preference instead of the midwest.


American Cities That Best Fit You:

80% Chicago

65% Los Angeles

65% Philadelphia

60% Honolulu

55% New York City


dirteens said...

if someone can find a list of what cities are actually included in this quiz, i'd be curious to see it. i wonder if mpls is in?

Arnold Becker said...

LA is a VERY close second.