Wednesday, May 11, 2005

i'll have document review and a deposition to go

although i am excited to go shopping today for corporate clothing and i am looking forward to my summer job, i would prefer to spend my money on say, an iPod, sneakers, or non-fancy clothes.

while musing about this i started to think about the benefits of uniforms. while i've never had to wear one, for school or any of my jobs (with the exception of SW Community School where i had to wear their sticky 50-50 t-shirts while teaching candlemaking of all things in horribly humid July), i think uniforms have some distinct advantages. if i could wear a something like a fast food uniform of a polo shirt and ill-fitting pants to work every day this summer i would save even more money. perhaps firms could express their character through their uniforms - it would add in yet another variable to those OCIP bidding decisions.

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