Friday, May 13, 2005

the ULTIMATE commercial

i spent the last couple days tasting wine in the lovely russian river valley near lake sonoma. it was almost too good to be true. it was definitely indulgent, extremely relaxing, and far more chi-chi-la-la than anything i ever anticipated doing at age 23. my roommates and i got all dressed up, we ate amazing homemade tamales, had a cathartic cry at dinner, gorged on olives and cheese, and even listened to surprisingly good radio. it included pat benatar and journey (twice). all was blessed and all was right with the world. the truly amazing thing was that we didn't spend much money. one of my awesome roommates got us a deal at her parents' timeshare so we cooked some meals for ourselves and spent about $10 on lodging. i wish i had one more week of this before starting work.

anyway, although i should probably write about wine, instead i bring you a commercial from "Michelob Ultra". i cannot begin to express how hilarious i find michelob ultra. the fact that they market this BEER as a sports beverage is quite amusing. it seems that they are trying to get their consumers to believe that by drinking their beer they will develop not beer guts but the impeccably tanned and toned "six-packs" featured in their advertisements. the simple gym workouts never spoke to me but now that they've included a ridiculously silly game of ultimate in their ads - i might be persuaded to try this (in all likelihood) foul beverage. note how people are playing ultimate in virtually no clothing which would suck to layout in, note the fouls, the silly showboating, and the fancy and improbable passes. my friend MC putt-putt also pointed out the fact that there was no line call. as if that would happen in ultimate - ever. oh no, people would squabble and moan about the call for a loong time. how i miss this sport.


wt said...

That's a great commercial. It's good to see that ultimate is picking up sufficient mainstream recognition to put in a beer ad.

In the games I play, there's generally a rule that the person who makes the catch calls their own foul or out-of-bounds on their honor. Once this is done, there's no argument.

But some calls are so egregiously wrong that they require a response. But instead of arguing about the call, we would just mutter "no spirit, no spirit."

This insult calls into question more than just the ruling on the field, but a person's entire sportsmanship.

Of course, saying "no spirit" is somewhat unsportsmanlike in its right.

Maybe there's another alternative.

dirteens said...

you're right on about the unsportspersonlike nature of making the "no spirit" call. often times that call results in more fights and nasty behavior that then the poor play did in the first place. in my experience it usually inspired more catty and witchy behavior from both teams.