Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"Dirtina and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Day"

my day started off relatively well. stress-free commute. sunshine.
even at lunch things were going all right. one pesky pigeon kept trying to get a piece of my chicken sandwich but other than that it was actually pretty swell. it even closed with gelato. can't complain.
shortly after this little lunch it went seriously down hill.

i feel totally and stressfully swamped at work.
i hit my head (really hard) on my desk when i bent over to pick up the code books that had just fallen from my shelf, on to the table, and on to the floor, nearly spilling my coffee all over my work.
as a result of this mishap my head hurts. in addition to the attractive bump on my forehead, i spent awhile sobbing on the phone with my mom later (related primarily to other events see infra) and now have dried out and bleary eyes as a nice accessory for the forehead fashion.
i came home exhausted to find that my key doesn't work in the deadbolt. i was locked out.
i waited for the locksmith freezing, hungry, and badly needing to pee for about 40 minutes.
my partner (and not the one at the law firm - the one known as jdm) has mono.
one of my great-uncles died.

so here i am whining, when things are actually much worse for other folks and people i love.
i hate feeling like my mood is on a sinking, downward spiral.

i want to go to bed.


mrupe said...

Will it help if I say I love you? 'cause I do...

dirteens said...

I love you too Rupe. And I miss you like crazy - LA is too far away.