Wednesday, May 04, 2005

blogger's "recover post" feature is a LIE

i'm super frustrated right now because blogger promised to recover my lost posts and it failed. boo.

tonight's episode of ANTM was actually quite good. admittedly, i would have been entertained by anything other than my take-home exam which has been staring me down from the face of my normally friendly laptop all day. despite my (generally) low standards for television and in particular UPN, this episode had a lot to offer.

for one thing, the contestant judging contestant feature exposed a lot of character and attitude. the two highlights of the show were brittany's hot mud shot and the fact that christina was finally eliminated. keenyah's snotty 'tude vindicated my general dislike for her. previously, my only real reason for disliking keenyah was her oddly crooked jawline. i, with my doubly-broken nose, am certainly not the right person to call someone out for facial asymmetry. however, i am not trying to become america's next top model. i fail to understand how tyra's silly judges have not recognized her bizarre jawline protrusion. evidence of this phenomenon is all over the internet. see e.g., television without pity, seven caged tigers, girl genius.... i grow weary of compiling citations but offer one "but see" for a short but favorable assessment of keenyah's jaw.

and, in case anyone cares, my bet is that keenyah is next to go. moreover, naima will definitely win now that her personality is shining through and the producers showed photos of her as a little girl. this was just the type of foreshadowing the producers used with eva last season. now if covergirl would just cancel eva's contract i'd be pleased as punch. those "day in the life" commercials are so annoying.

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