Sunday, May 01, 2005

tatted: from thug to hug life

an old ultimate compatriot once closed his emails with the tag line "hug life: nobody's perfect but we do OK." i was thinking about the origins of the phrase "hug life" and my train of thoughts brought me to Tupac. 2-Pac had some vicious tattoos. my personal favorite was the large "THUG LIFE" tatted across his abs. check out some pictures here and here. i learned from these fine sites that the "I" in "Life" is actually a bullet.

in any event, i've thought about getting a tattoo for a long time. unfortunately, i made the mistake of disclosing my best idea to someone who later returned to show me my tattoo on her cliched ankle. that killed that plan.

with the knowledge that i will never actually get this tattoo i'll disclose a recent idea. (you probably saw this coming.) drawing my inspiration from 2-Pac i'd like to get a huge tattoo on my abs in gothic letters that reads "hug life." that would be beyond hot.


ctn said...

i toyed w/ the idea of getting a tattoo for a while, too. mainly when i was around 17 - i wanted a dolphin on my ankle [talk about cliche] b/c that's what krissy taylor had.

then someone told me that you can't work for the fbi and cia [covert] if you have a tattoo. distinguishing marks and all, so that killed my plan.

dirteens said...

i hadn't realized that tattoos could limit job prospects so directly. my typical concern has been whether my scrutinizing relatives would be able to see my tattoo in my (hypothetical) wedding dress. the good news about "hug life" is that it would pass that test. i'm almost certain that i wouldn't get married in anything that would expose my midriff.

Anonymous said...

hi stinky,
'hug life' would me much much cooler than a butterfly. but then again, one can't expect that much knowledge of 2-pac in NE...heck, maybe a butterfly was revolutionary. if i were to get a tattoo, i wouldn't stop at one. i would match all of papou's. seriously. they're beautiful.
i'm sitting in the law library writing about freud and thinking about you. thinking something like, "at least i'm not a law student, at least i don't have finals right now." the poem is coming!

stacita said...

katina, i'm giggling with you getting a huge ab tattoo. you would be so tough! argh!!

jsa said...


A Hug Life Tattoo would be SWEET! I've thought about getting a tattoo as well, mine would be a dragon (green, red, gold) crawling around my forearm.