Monday, June 10, 2013

Breaking out...

Team Miner:

Jeff is slated to break out of his hospital cell later today. The last bag of chemo is up and dripping and Jeff is waiting for the "delightful" spinal infusion later. I cannot believe that he has endured life in this tiny room since Wednesday night. It is seriously claustrophobic.

On the other, rash-related, "breaking out" front, Jeff's arm is looking all cleared up. The first test for shingles came back negative, as did a second, more sensitive test. So maybe it was just a generic rash. 

As for the rest of us, we are fine. Our weekend was rather jam-packed with activity so Stella is running a sleep deficit. That's less than ideal for all parties. If you read this this morning or early afternoon PST, please send us vibes for a smooth (and speedy) hospital discharge process. 

Thanks to all who visited and fed us, sent care packages, and even did our laundry during this admission. We are deeply appreciative. 


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