Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Careful consideration"

Team Miner:

First, a disclaimer.  I'm guessing that not everyone who reads this blog agrees with my politics, but this is my blog, so I get to write what I think.  [More on this blog being productively "self-centered" at another time.]  Today, by and large, I am happy.  Happy that marriages for same-sex couples can resume in California.  I am elated for friends who are moving on to plan their weddings, which had been on hold.  I'm also delighted to see news that the DOMA decision is already putting the brakes on deportations, and happy that this decision was rendered on the basis of equal protection.

These opinions are cause for celebration.  [They are also a ripe time for me to insert the best blinged out image of Justice Ginsburg that I have seen.  Just because.]  But at the same time, I can't get too excited because of the VRA opinion yesterday, and because the DOMA and Prop 8 decisions don't go far enough.  

I am also, selfishly, lamenting the fact that I don't have time to scour and analyze all the opinions that came out this week (I haven't even had a chance to skim the one on the ICWA) because I'm holding a baby... basically all the time.  Intellectually, my life is pretty void of stimulation at the moment.  Such is the reality of maternity leave, especially a leave compounded with the kind of drama we've been dealing with.  So I am left to ponder haphazardly about the Article III issues, federalism, and the odd alignment of justices along the political spectrum in the Prop 8 decision.  And, I guess, wait - along with everyone else - for the marriage case that comes along that is actually "ripe," in which all justices agree there is standing for a decision on the merits.

In other, less newsworthy news, Lydia is four months old today!  She has fat rubber band wrists, several chins, and lots of smiles for everyone, especially her Papa.  And her Papa goes back in for treatment (probably) tomorrow, so if you want to visit him, check out the Lotsa page and see if there's a time that works.

Love to everyone, for everyone,


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