Thursday, June 13, 2013

Things That Suck In No Particular Order

  1. Lymphoma (and cancer of all varieties).
  2. Having a 3.5 year old who sleeps far more poorly than your not quite four-month-old.
  3. Sleep deprivation.
  4. Tantrums.
  5. Fruit flies.
  6. Humidity.
  7. A child who will not give it a rest.
  8. Sleep deprivation - did I mention that already?  I can't remember because I am so tired.
  9. California drivers: who do not use their turn signals, who cut me off, etc.
  10. A child who will STILL not give it a rest.


Lauren Bond said...

Totally with you on the fruit flies! And the humidity.

Sending all the sleep vibes I've got your way. Sorry it all seems to suck at the same time.

The Bonds (Scott's daughter here) are rooting for you!

Christine Boles said...

If it makes you feel any better, neither Elisa nor David slept through the night until they were 4. There seemed to be some magic shift at that age. You're almost there with Stella and it sounds like you don't need to wait that long with Lydia! Needless to say, we'll pray for sleep anyway! You are allowed to better our statistics ;-)

stacita said...

okay, so i normally wouldn't recommend this because it's dangerous territory for older babes, but... would you consider co-sleeping with stella? sometimes when i'm going nuts with RP, i try to nap with her on the couch and it works (although, she sleeps more than i nap...) is that possible? i know, it's a hard place to go...

Erika said...

I would like to add: teething, sleep deprivation, and doing the dishes. And cancer. But mostly the sleep deprivation.

dirteens said...

Thanks everybody. Christine - it's good to know that there is hope for Stella yet! And Stacita - the first time Jeff was in the hospital I just caved and let Stella sleep with me most nights. Lately, she hasn't been asking, and we try to keep it to a minimum to maximize Lydia's sleep and to keep Jeff's germy toddler exposure to a minimum. But a return to co-sleeping for that first hospital admission was a total sanity saver. Erika - I had almost completely blocked out memories of teething. Ugh. Not looking forward to that again!

Gretchen said...

It sure seems like you should get a pass from the Tantrum 2.0 phase as I call it. I guess Liam isn't the only one to be going through it, and it's so much meaner and pointed than the 2 yr old tantrums--he screams at me to Get Out of this HOOOOOUSE! I told him You don't have to tell me twice, then remember that I can't actually walk out on a 3 yr old.

We made the sudden decision to move to Novato (to a house we've owned here for several yrs), so I'm even less useful to you than when I was when blocks away, but if moral support and prayers count, then you have mine in spades. Love, love, G

dirteens said...

Ah Gretchen - thanks so much. Tantrum 2.0 is in full effect here, alas. But yes, there is some comfort in knowing that others are going through it as well. Stella hasn't told me "get out of this house," but I think my reaction would be the same. Her go to phrase when furious is "I'm not your daughter anymore. I don't like you anymore!!" Lovely. Just lovely.

Hope you are settling comfortably into Novato. Best wishes.