Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Pie for Breakfast

Team Miner:

Jeff and I had pie for breakfast today (well, our first course was pie).  Peach pie.  It was amazing.  Jeff is scheduled go back for chemo tomorrow, so we figured we'd live it up.  He's also feeling pretty good, which is what we expected from others who have gone through R-EPOCH.  As soon as you start feeling more human and less fatigued from the chemo, you have to head back to the hospital for more poison.  Sucks.

My conclusion from this morning's experience:  we should all eat pie for breakfast more often.  It doesn't actually have to involve pie, and it doesn't necessarily have to take place during breakfast - though it does start your day off right.  Just enjoy the moment.  

I've also been reading, in fits and starts, Tara Brach's new book, "True Refuge," and am gaining some insight.  In particular, I'm opening my eyes to my addiction to "to do" lists and a need to constantly accomplish things.  This quote spoke to me:
"The character was continually trying to protect herself, but in the process, she was disconnecting more and more from herself, from authenticity, from the potential sustenance of feeling connected to others.  And in each scene, I saw her perpetually 'doing' in order to feel better about herself, 'doing' in order to avoid pain, 'doing' in order to avoid failure."
That's all for now.  Chew on it.  Perhaps a piece of pie would do...


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Tia Jah Wynne Ayers said...

Pie for breakfast is perfect. I'm torn between warm apple with cheddar cheese and warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Glad Jeff's feeling good today, and prayers for strength through the next round.