Sunday, June 30, 2013

Of Shirts and Quilts

Team Miner:

Our week with Grandpa Dave in town visiting, sadly, just came to an end.  It was great to have his help and we are looking forward to seeing him again soon.  Emily is here now, and having Stella's professed "favorite adult" (that's right, not me, not Jeff) in town is always excellent.

Jeff's treatment this round is going a-ok thus far.  San Francisco - as well as the rest of Northern California apparently - is undergoing a heat wave.  His hospital room is stuffy and quite hot.  But, he is not confined to his actual room this time, and has been able to move about the floor.  Probably due to the prednisone, he has been more restless and has found it difficult to sleep the past couple of days.  Prednisone is also making him extra hungry.  He ate enough breakfast this morning for probably 3-4 people.  He looks a lot more like himself these days, and it is wonderful to see him with an appetite again, even if it is partially "roid" induced.  

I don't have all that much else to report, but I do want to share with the general readership our family's amazing artistic creations.  

First, Uncle Tom designed t-shirts.  "Jeff" is drawn from a photo Grandpa Dave snapped during his initial hospital stay, back when he had hair, and even a beard.  In classic Jeff style, he is posing "thumbs up."  The quote, of course, is from Monty Python.  I wouldn't expect anything else from my husband.

Here is a close up of the shirt:

And here is Stella "posing" at my request to model her shirt.  Not quite the pose I was looking for, but that gives you a sense of her energy level (OFF the charts) and the challenges that hospital visits typically present...  Some other pictures of people sporting the shirts are posted on the Lotsa site in the "photo gallery."

The entire family also participated in the illustration of fabric squares which Jeff's aunts (Lydia, Caroline, and Jinny) and Grandma Robin designed and pieced into a gorgeous quilt.  It turned out really well with awesome messages and sentiments from across the country.  If you happen to come to the hospital, we have some squares that are still available to decorate. Below is the man himself holding the quilt:

These tangible and creative gifts certainly make us feel loved.  As do the kind messages and letters we receive, your thoughts, prayers, meals, and visits.  Thanks, as always, for the support.

GO TEAM (especially Team Captain Jeff)!!!


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Erika said...

Um, WHAT?!? Where can I get one of those shirts?!? That's so awesome, and the quilt is so beautiful. I love how people come together and do some beautiful and lovingly quirky things in times of need. :)