Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blog Design is not my forte

Clearly.  But enjoy an ancient photo of me and Jeff (in his "silly cape" as Stella called it back then) and Stelly from his graduation.

Perhaps I'll figure out how to make this all look better in the future.  Also, enterprising users will now find a link to my twitter account somewhere on this page.


peter said...

I think Jeff looks like Harry Potter in his cape. And Jeff is stronger than Harry so I know he will definitely get better.

ElizabethS said...

Happy Mother's Day Tina! I hope those nieces of mine brought you lots of love today. And I'm glad to know you got to be with our Mama.

I never thought it, but Uncle Jeff - you are the original Caper! No wonder Stella played it so naturally.

dirteens said...

Jeff is getting a lot of Harry Potter comparisons lately, so you're on to something Peter.

And Lizzy, maybe we need to make adult size sequin capes for Jeff, Eric, you and me??


Seeing through a glass darkly I spot a handsome man smiling a bright Jeff smile with Katina and kids beside him. He is wearing a full professor's cap and gown. Who knows what day or week or year the glass foretells us that will be? It will become clearer in days ahead.