Thursday, May 02, 2013

Great Big Nasty News

Well, I haven't written anything here in several years. I think Stella was a zygote back then and now she's three and a half and Lydia is 2 months already.

So the craptastic news worth sharing is that on Tuesday we learned that Jeff has a mass in his chest. After a couple days in the hospital, we also know that it is cancer. I'll save more details for when we have a diagnosis, but we are waiting (and waiting) now to learn more as tests are run.

To spare people from direct e-mail updates, I'm going to attempt to update this blog regularly. Perhaps Jeff will make some guest appearances as well.  We welcome all communications (even if we don't manage to respond) and all prayers, vibes, thoughts etc. Perhaps I will re-learn basic html later to actually post heartwarming photos of cute babies and kids (well Lyddie-Biddie-Bum-Bum and Stelly), or link to hilarious YouTube videos and the like. Anything to make this more than a cancer blog.

 Now I will sign off to focus on sending violent killer thoughts to this cancer.


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pyrex and polkadots said...

We love you guys so much!!!!