Friday, May 24, 2013


Team Miner:

It has been wonderful to have Jeff home. I had missed him in all kinds of the most acute and also mundane ways. Lydia, who will be three months on Saturday, is greeting his return with lots of smiles, valiant attempts to roll over, and a surprisingly cheery disposition for an infant. Stella is super glad to have Papa back. However, she is currently preoccupied with constantly instructing Manou on her knowledge of Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation. It really brings out her bossy side: e.g., "no Manou, pink is rosado (rolling her r"...). She's sassy, in word and in deed/fashion.

For Jeff, freedom from the hospital has been an adjustment. He is weak and has lost weight. He's tired, too. But on the bright side we learned at his outpatient check-in yesterday that his counts are still good, his liver already seems less swollen and inflamed, and his breathing seems to be less labored as well.

Overall the outpatient appointment was a big success. But it took almost four hours. (I believe this was a result of the strike since appointments had to be re-scheduled from earlier in the week to account for short staffing... I also can't find any updates on whether the strike advanced the ball at all or had any impact on the bargaining negotiations... But I digress.).

If you know me, you know that patience is NOT my virtue. Jeff, on the other hand, is always slow to complain, and easy going. Lately, he has impressed me anew with his ability to roll with the punches. He jokes that he is a patient, so that tendency comes with his role. But it doesn't for most people and I am so proud of him. His attitude has been pretty darn indomitable through this mess so far. This is serving him well in terms of morale and spirit and his ability to get along with doctors, nurses, and medical staff.

In other news, we are still overwhelmed and grateful for the support we continue to receive from family and friends.   Chemo Round Two will start on or about June 5, so check the Lotsa site for new "volunteer" opportunities soon.

With thanks and hope,


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