Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Recap

I hated not seeing Jeff (again) today, but it was a good day, all in all.  Jeff apparently ate vociferously due, perhaps to the prednisone, but also to the delicious burrito delivered by the Novembers.  And he had great visits with his dad, Tyler, and Tara as well.  He's a little impatient to get started with chemo, but in otherwise positive spirits.

In my life, these things happened today:
  • My wonderful friends the Fitzmikis dropped by this afternoon for a visit and gave me gorgeous flowers.
  • Jeff-o sent me a most fancy and elegant bouquet - delivered by Robin.
  • My dear in-laws gave me a lovely and heartfelt card.
  • We ate delicious and restorative soup from Neha for dinner.
  • My mom is here.  It's awesome!  She arrived and I immediately began sleeping better.  I napped yesterday AND today.
  • Stella's dance class had parent participation day and she and Manou rocked out together.  Robin taped this and David and I observed.  Watching them boogie was pretty much the best.
  • Stella's Mother's Day art project informed me - a person formerly known as "Dirteens" - that I smell like "one petal of a rose."  This is probably one of the best compliments I have ever received.  

  • I remembered to be happy - very, very happy - to be married to the best possible spouse for me, a phenomenal father, and one hilarious and clever dude.  
  • I felt blessed to be given the chance to parent Big Sister and Little Sister (pictured, in motion, as always) below:



Devon Wilson said...

Happy belated Mother's Day, Katina. We love you guys.

Melissa said...

Kastinka was always a nickname for your rose petal scent ;) Wishing you a very happy Mother's Day, those little ladies sure do have an amazing mama.
Love you lots Teeny, you're in my thoughts often. Hug hug.

dirteens said...

Hey Smellissa - you are in my thoughts too. Miss you.

And Devon - happy FIRST mother's day to you :)