Friday, May 31, 2013

WBC/ANC and other acronyms I'm starting to kind of understand

Team Miner:

Just a super brief update.  Yesterday Jeff had another outpatient check-up.  Though the Neulasta caused some serious pain, it also worked like a charm.  Jeff's bone marrow went into overdrive from the drug and he is no longer "neutropenic."  His white blood cell ("WBC") and neutrophil counts (for some reason that is abbreviated "ANC") were very good.  He is also feeling pretty well.  He tires easily, but is still up and about and even gained a pound and a half.

We celebrated this news by walking Stella to school "con toda la familia" - which is always a hit with Stelly.  Then we went out to breakfast this morning at Plow with Amos and Emily.  It was scrumptious, as usual.  Afterwards, Emily watched Lydia while I "got my hair did" and Jeff and Amos took a drive up to the Marin Headlands.  We accomplished all this while our house cleaner worked her magic.  There may be no feeling quite so lovely as returning home with clean and shiny hair to a floor that is also clean and shiny.  Those of you with toddlers may feel me here.

Now we are (begrudgingly) counting down the days until Jeff's next hospital admission for round two of chemo.  If timing goes exactly as planned - i.e., there is adequate bed space at UCSF - he will be admitted next Wednesday morning and in patient at the hospital for about a week.  Check the "Lotsa" site and visit him if you'd like.

Thanks to all of you for all your support,



Tia Jah Wynne Ayers said...

Great news, Katina! Still praying...

jdm said...

ANC is "absolute neutrophil count." Not sure why it needs to be absolute, but there it is. Ditto on everything else: today was good, I am mostly okay except some numbness in my fingertips (boo!) and we are not looking forward to more hospital time - although I have a workout plan in progress to help the hospital not leave its mark on me so noticeably next time.

judy rees said...